Monday, 24 September 2012

Party Nails feat. Forever 21


A while ago I brought a nail polish from Forever 21 in Orchard Xchange for S$5, and I brought it purely because it looked awesome.

The particular polish didn't really have a name, but it was called multi.

It is a clear base with blue, orange, red, pink, silver, mint green and gold chunky glitter and also pink, silver and mint green small glitter. It is just a glitter ball, and it's totally awesome.

I got this before I knew about the Deborah Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday. I don't own that polish since I would never pay S$35 for a glitter polish, but I would say that from the swatches I have seen that this polish is a good dupe. And a much cheaper one.

The main difference I think would be that after 3 coats the polish looks like this:

Whereas the Deborah Lippmann one you could probably get away with wearing it alone, however it looks amazing over black (I used essence black is back ).

I couldn't find this one the Forever 21 site, but I found another polish similar called Crystal/Multi (see here) but it is different to this so maybe they don't sell this anymore :'(

*Have you found any Deborah Lippmann polish dupes?*

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