Friday, 28 September 2012

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection Singapore Haul: Prices and Swatches

We were informed by a MAC MA that she wouldn't know the Singapore release date for the Marilyn Monroe collection until the first week of October. Yesterday (27th of September), my mum called MAC just to ask if  there was anymore news, and an MA said it had been released earlier that day! Before it was even released in the U.S I think!

So she hurried down to Tangs @ Orchard Road, and we didn't really expect that much would be left over however she said that there was nobody there! So go and check your nearest MAC counter/shop and check out the collection.

We both got the exact same 3 things, and we each also got a permanent lipstick.

Here is what I got:

I like the boxes because there are shiny, however I love the inside. It's plain black with a little surprise!

The lipsticks retail for S$32,
 Charmed I'm Sure (Matte): Dark true red
Love Goddess (Satin): Mid-tone red pink

Natural Sunlight

I got one of the eyeshadows (3g), which are actually double the size of a normal MAC shadow which is 1.5g. They retail for S$37

Showgirl (Veluxe Pearl): Dark blue grey 

This actually leans kind of purple, so it complements blue eyes nicely.

Lastly I got Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick S$29 and my mum got Kinda Sexy Matte Lipstick S$29 (which I love and will probably have to buy it next month!)

Ruby Woo

Kinda Sexy

Here is a swatch comparison of all three red shades:

*What products did you get/order from the MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection?*

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  1. Hi :) stumbled on your blog whilst looking for reviews on the marilyn monroe collection. I might be a little insensitive to colors, hmm.. what's the difference between Ruby Woo and Charmed, I'm sure?

    1. Hey (: I can totally understand why you would ask that question haha,

      Ruby Woo is a classic pin-up red, it is pretty bright, however the formula is SUPER dry even for a matte but that means it will last longer. It is also more blue based than Charmed I'm Sure. (And it looks good on everyone, trust me!)

      Charmed I'm Sure is more of a deep sultry red, perfect for cold weather in autumn and winter.

      So if you are going for an everyday red, I would suggest Ruby Woo, but Charmed, I'm Sure is definitely great for the upcoming seasons.

      I hoped this helped!