Friday, 28 September 2012

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection Singapore Haul: Prices and Swatches

We were informed by a MAC MA that she wouldn't know the Singapore release date for the Marilyn Monroe collection until the first week of October. Yesterday (27th of September), my mum called MAC just to ask if  there was anymore news, and an MA said it had been released earlier that day! Before it was even released in the U.S I think!

So she hurried down to Tangs @ Orchard Road, and we didn't really expect that much would be left over however she said that there was nobody there! So go and check your nearest MAC counter/shop and check out the collection.

We both got the exact same 3 things, and we each also got a permanent lipstick.

Here is what I got:

I like the boxes because there are shiny, however I love the inside. It's plain black with a little surprise!

The lipsticks retail for S$32,
 Charmed I'm Sure (Matte): Dark true red
Love Goddess (Satin): Mid-tone red pink

Natural Sunlight

I got one of the eyeshadows (3g), which are actually double the size of a normal MAC shadow which is 1.5g. They retail for S$37

Showgirl (Veluxe Pearl): Dark blue grey 

This actually leans kind of purple, so it complements blue eyes nicely.

Lastly I got Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick S$29 and my mum got Kinda Sexy Matte Lipstick S$29 (which I love and will probably have to buy it next month!)

Ruby Woo

Kinda Sexy

Here is a swatch comparison of all three red shades:

*What products did you get/order from the MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection?*

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essence Singapore Fruity Collection Prices and Swatches

I managed to get my hands on most of the fruity collection, I passed on the nailart sealing top coat (S$4.30) and the scented top coat (S$4.30). Luckily I was first to get my hands on it so I felt kind of bad that I nearly emptied the stand! (because my mum got some stuff too ha ha!)

Eyeshadow Sorbet 

L-R: 01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day

Product Size: 4g
Price: S$6.10

 01 peach beauty:  peach with gold and pink glitter
 02 banana joe: champagne with gold and silver glitter
03 one kiwi a day: light minty green with gold and green glitter

L-R:  01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day (excuse the pen marks on my arm :S)

These eyeshadow sorbets' have a thin texture like a gel, and they have a bouncy consistency. The packaging is really nice, it's a heavy glass jar similar in weight to a M.A.C. Paint Pot.

These are pretty glittery but they dry down and they aren't gritty or sticky at all.


L-R: 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry

Product Size:  ?

Price: S$4.30

 01 peach beauty: sherbet peach scent, sheer orange colour  
02 very cherry: cherry skittles scent, light pink colour

Top: 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry

I like the packaging a lot, it feels like a metal container and it is also really sturdy. I like how the packaging matches the colour of the product.

They feel quite moisturising and velvety on the lips.

Blush Sorbet

 01 smoothie operator

Product Size: 8.2g

Price: S$6.10

01 smoothie operator: raspberry with gold shimmer

This blush has a very soothing feeling, like when you apply it your cheeks, it feels icy! It smells like a grape ice pop. Again the packaging is heavy and expensive feeling. It has the same texture as the eyeshadow sorbets'.

Nail Polish

L-R: banana joe, peach beauty, very cherry, one kiwi a day and mashed berries

Product Size: 10mL
Price: S$3.90

01 banana joe: pastel lemon with gold shimmer, 3 coats, it was pretty streaky and sheer so it would possibly be best layered over another polish

  02 peach beauty: orange creamsicle colour. 3 coats, this was kind of streaky but workable

03 very cherry: coral with purple/pink glitter, 3 coats

04 one kiwi a day: kiwi green with gold shimmer and green glitter, 3 coats (this is my favourite! It really looks like a kiwi)

05 mashed berries: strawberry pink with purple/pink glitter, 3 coats

I like these polishes however I think that they could be easily duped. However at S$3.90, they are worth checking out.

These do NOT smell fruity, so don't try it. Because I did that and it wasn't pleasant haha!

Nail Fruits

Product Size: Well I have about 55 fruit slices
Price: S$4.30

You get banana, lemon, orange, strawberry, kiwi and pink grapefruit slices.

The glue has like a blue tinge to it.

So far I really like this collection, the packaging is really cute. My favourite product from this collection would be the one kiwi a day polish and the lipbalms.

*What did you get from the collection?*

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Party Nails feat. Forever 21


A while ago I brought a nail polish from Forever 21 in Orchard Xchange for S$5, and I brought it purely because it looked awesome.

The particular polish didn't really have a name, but it was called multi.

It is a clear base with blue, orange, red, pink, silver, mint green and gold chunky glitter and also pink, silver and mint green small glitter. It is just a glitter ball, and it's totally awesome.

I got this before I knew about the Deborah Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday. I don't own that polish since I would never pay S$35 for a glitter polish, but I would say that from the swatches I have seen that this polish is a good dupe. And a much cheaper one.

The main difference I think would be that after 3 coats the polish looks like this:

Whereas the Deborah Lippmann one you could probably get away with wearing it alone, however it looks amazing over black (I used essence black is back ).

I couldn't find this one the Forever 21 site, but I found another polish similar called Crystal/Multi (see here) but it is different to this so maybe they don't sell this anymore :'(

*Have you found any Deborah Lippmann polish dupes?*

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Essence Singapores Newest Trend Edition Sept 2012: Fruity Collection!

essence Singapores newest collection "Fruity" will be rolling into town this last week in September.

Sweeten up your life by popping into a Watsons store near you a picking up a few goodies. (You can click here to view where Essence is sold in Singapore).

To learn more about the newest collection then keep on reading!

The new essence trend edition "fruity" is fruity fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colours containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in the end of September 2012. Wonderful sorbet colours and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits all the time!

Essence Fruity - Eyeshadow Sorbet


Sorbet for your eyelids! The eyeshadow sorbet has a delicate mousse texture in fabulous, fresh spring colours. It is easy to apply and ensures beautiful moments!

  • 01 peach beauty
  • 02 banana joe
  • 03 one kiwi a day

Essence Fruity - Lip balm

Hmmmm, yummy! This lip balm is available in two fruity flavours and colours to pamper your lips with the delicious taste of summer.

  • 01 peach beauty
  • 02 very cherry

Essence Fruity -  Blush Sorbet

A boost of freshness for a gorgeous finish: the blush with a sorbet texture perfectly complements your summer fruity look with an intense pink-red shade. Simply dab the airy and light formula on your cheeks with your fingertips and your natural look is done!

  • 01 smoothie operator

Essence Fruity - Nail Polish

Wanted: Fruity colours! As colourful and shimmering as summertime - these five mood enhancing colours bring the loveliest season of the year to your nails. An absolute must-have for the fruity summer look!

  • 01 banana joe
  • 02 peach beauty
  • 03 very cherry
  • 04 one kiwi a day
  • 05 mashed berries

Essence Fruity - Scented Top Coat

Strawberry fantastic! The scented top coat is super fruity and gives your nails a seductive fresh strawberry scent. Available in, what else

  • 01 smells like strawberry

Essence Fruity - Nail Fruits

Cheeky little fruits on your nails - the absolute eye-catcher of the season! You can decorate your nails in a matter of seconds with these trendy designs. It's super-easy to apply thanks to the nail glue included. The ultimate must-have for all nail fashionistas this season.

  • 01 fruit punch to go

Essence Fruity - Nail Art Sealing Top Coat

The crowning glory for fruity nail design! Simply apply the nail art sealing top coat after styling your nails for long-lasting results.

  • 01 stay fruity

So pop down to a Watsons store and check out these products and pick up your five-a-day!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

4 Looks, 1 Palette: M.U.A Heaven and Earth Palette (Review and Swatches)



 Top Row (with flash)
Bottom Row (with flash)

Look 1: Top Row, shadows #1,2 and 3
Shadow #1 all over lid and inner corner
                                       Shadow #3 all over lid up to crease
Shadow #2 in crease, outer corner and bottom lash line
 (Extras: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over lid, NYX Liquid Black Liner, Essence Multi Action Mascara and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero on waterline)

Look 2: Top Row, shadows #4,5 and 6
Shadow #4 all over lid and inner corner
Shadow #6 all over lid
Shadow #5 in crease, outer corner and bottom lash line
(Extras: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over lid, matte brown from NYX The Crimson Amulet palette (to soften crease), Rimmel Flash Eyeliner in 001 Flash Black, Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero on waterline and Essence Multi Action Mascara)
Look 3: Bottom row, shadows #1,2 and 3
Shadow #3 all over lid and inner corner
Shadow #2 in crease
Shadow #1 in outer corner and bottom lash line
(Extras: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over lid, Essence Multi Action Mascara and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Flipside on waterline)

Look 4: Bottom row, shadows #4,5 and 6

Shadow #4 all over lid
Shadow #6 in outer corner and crease
Shadow #5 along bottom lash line
(Extras: Essence Multi Action Mascara, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in Think Khaki! on waterline)

You would enjoy this palette if:
-- You enjoy wearing neutral colours (especially warmer ones)
-- You don't want to spend a lot
-- You want  highly pigmented eye shadows
-- You want easy to blend shadows
-- You like eye shadows with shimmer
You might not enjoy this palette if:
-- You like to use matte shadows (as this palette contains none)
-- You don't like glitter shadows (the 4th shadow on the bottom row is chunky glitter)

I got mine from Superdrug , I would definitely recommend this palette to whoever missed out on the Naked palette from Urban Decay (I don't own the Naked palette *shock horror*!). I have a good few Urban Decay palettes and I would say these shadows are very comparable to them and it's a steal at only £4!

Thanks for reading!