Sunday, 2 September 2012

MUA Love Hearts Polish: I WANT be less streaky!


So the first polish that I am going to be talking about is I WANT U.

*All photos taken in natural daylight*

I WANT U is a bright, tangelo creme. This was 3 coats on some nails, 4 on others. I actually love orange polishes and this one is no exception.

Except the one MAJOR downfall! The brushes on all of these polishes are terrible. They are short and have plastic fibres which drag the polish making it streaky no matter what I try.

The formula is nice, with a better brush I would probably only have needed 2-3 coats for it to become opaque. The polish dried pretty quickly.

I've decided to just empty an old nail polish and just use that brush whenever I want to use these polishes because this brush is seriously unmanageable! Maybe that's just my particular ones but then again, ALL of the other brushes are the same. But I mean, it only cost £2 (S$4), so I didn't except it to have a perfect manufactured brush!

6.8mL for £2 (S$4)

I ordered mine from Superdrug. (Sent to my nan's house, my dad was in England for work so he picked it up hehe!) You can find them on the MUA website also.

Thanks for reading!

*If you have these polishes, have you experienced the same problem with the brushes? Let me know down below :D*


  1. Such a lovely colour!! x

    1. Totally, it was an awesome find! Thanks for following, I really appreciate it :D x