Monday, 22 October 2012

Review: Pure. Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation by Maybelline

 I've been using Revlon Colour stay Foundation for over a year now and at first I loved it, however I've been recently wanting to try out some different foundations, ones that weren't as thick and full coverage. I decided to try out Maybelline Pure. Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation with micro minerals (SPF 27 and PA +++)

Overview of Product:
The Maybelline Pure. Eraser Mineral Healthy Eraser Foundation is a permanent product and is available in 6 shades. The shades are categorised into 3 skin tones:

- OC : Ochre tones > for yellow based skin tones
- PO : pink tones > for rosy, pinkish skin tones
- BO : beige tones > medium/darker skin tones

I purchased mine in OC1

The packaging is a sturdy plastic, which stands upright on flat surfaces. The cap is good quality plastic and clips in so you don't have to worry about it coming off and creating a mess.

You get 20mL of product for S$27.90. It is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major super and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores here in Singapore.

The product claims to have:

  • Buildable coverage, micro-corrector applicator allows for building thin layers of coverage over fine lines, pore and dark spots without masking the face.
  • Velvety finish, mineral-based oil absorber guarantees a natural, velvet smooth look all day
  • Moisturising feel, infused with emollients to help deliver a silky softness.

Also since the product is part of the mineral line, the product should be lightweight and not clog pores.

First Impressions/ Application

 To dispense the product for the first time, it says to twist it 10-20 times, I twisted it about 25 times and it was enough to cover just over half of my face.


 No foundation at all - pimple scars, vein/discoloured lids, oily etc.
 After one layer of foundation - covered discolouration and veins on my lids, definitely reduced oil, reduced redness


I dotted the foundation on my face with the applicator, then used my fingers to blend it into my skin. It just seemed easiest this way since the product was quite thin in texture. First impressions:
  • Lightweight, doesn't feel like a mask
  • Easy to apply and blend out
  • Light foundation scent that doesn't transfer to face
  • Absorbed oil quickly
  • Flaked a bit around my nose area (see picture below) since I have a little dry skin there.

My skin felt very soft after applying, and I didn't feel the need to use a powder over the top.


I checked my foundation after 6 hours of wear, and it didn't look any different except around where my glasses sit on my nose, the product kind of wore off, but every foundation I have tried has done that since it's so hot in Singapore!

Pros and Cons

  • I like that the product can stand upright by itself
  • You can remove the sponge and clean it (There is a promotion to get a free sponge right now, while stocks last). So if you were concerned about the hygiene aspect, you don't have to!
  • The dial dispenser stops the product from leaking if you are storing it on its side, so it won't become messy (unlike Revlon colour stay which is super messy :S)
  • Good for oily skin
  • Good for all types of skin tones, more range probably for the lighter coloured people of each specific skin tone
  • SPF 27 is great, it also doesn't have a terrible white cast in photos like some products containing SPF do (however, since I am pretty white anyway, darker skin tones may experience this problem)
  • Decent coverage, but still feels lightweight and breathable.

  • If you have very severe acne or acne scars, wouldn't be enough coverage alone (you would most likely need a concealer too)
  • Since the product is pretty thin, I felt I needed more product so only getting 20mL, it may run out faster than a thicker foundation.
  • Not a great range for deeper skin colours
  • The idea to use the sponge to apply the foundation didn't really work. I tried it but since there was still product on the sponge, it just applied more product instead of blending what was already there.
  • Not great for dry patches.
  • The shade name is not on the bottle, only the box


Great for reducing oil and discolouration. Very lightweight. I would recommend for oily skin, not dry skin. Great packaging, easy to remove and replace sponge. Easy to find colour match (find your skin tone, then find what shade you need within that shade!)

Thanks for reading, I hope this review helped you.

*Let me know if you have tried this product and what you thought of it!*



  1. Great review and liked the result!

  2. Ooo...I like how it looks real natural on you! Seems to have a matte finish? I wish we got at least 30 ml! Becky, must meet soon girl! :)

  3. Giirrll..i really love your review and i also use the product. Just wanna ask, i apparently allergic to Bysmuth Oxychloride, one of the ingredient in the Product. It caused itchy and blotchy skin every time i finished using it. I am so desperate about it, but what to do. I second your review about how good the product is. Its soo sooo true!! If it is not because my allergic, i would list this foundation as my holy grail and stock it up like a war time.

    My question, have you found other brand or product that has the same quality as this one? please please do recommend one for me as i need to find a replace.

    thanks dear..

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comment!
      And sorry for the late reply, maybe you could try Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation or Bourjois Healthy Mix, both have great reviews. Or recently I've been using Catrice All Around Concealer (Which has 3 concealer shades and a pink and green $6.90 from guardian - which is amazing! Super creamy and easy to blend) and then a pressed powder foundation and it gives me the same effect as this foundation, so maybe you could try that?

      Hope this helps!