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essence Singapore Fruity Collection Prices and Swatches

I managed to get my hands on most of the fruity collection, I passed on the nailart sealing top coat (S$4.30) and the scented top coat (S$4.30). Luckily I was first to get my hands on it so I felt kind of bad that I nearly emptied the stand! (because my mum got some stuff too ha ha!)

Eyeshadow Sorbet 

L-R: 01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day

Product Size: 4g
Price: S$6.10

 01 peach beauty:  peach with gold and pink glitter
 02 banana joe: champagne with gold and silver glitter
03 one kiwi a day: light minty green with gold and green glitter

L-R:  01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day (excuse the pen marks on my arm :S)

These eyeshadow sorbets' have a thin texture like a gel, and they have a bouncy consistency. The packaging is really nice, it's a heavy glass jar similar in weight to a M.A.C. Paint Pot.

These are pretty glittery but they dry down and they aren't gritty or sticky at all.


L-R: 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry

Product Size:  ?

Price: S$4.30

 01 peach beauty: sherbet peach scent, sheer orange colour  
02 very cherry: cherry skittles scent, light pink colour

Top: 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry

I like the packaging a lot, it feels like a metal container and it is also really sturdy. I like how the packaging matches the colour of the product.

They feel quite moisturising and velvety on the lips.

Blush Sorbet

 01 smoothie operator

Product Size: 8.2g

Price: S$6.10

01 smoothie operator: raspberry with gold shimmer

This blush has a very soothing feeling, like when you apply it your cheeks, it feels icy! It smells like a grape ice pop. Again the packaging is heavy and expensive feeling. It has the same texture as the eyeshadow sorbets'.

Nail Polish

L-R: banana joe, peach beauty, very cherry, one kiwi a day and mashed berries

Product Size: 10mL
Price: S$3.90

01 banana joe: pastel lemon with gold shimmer, 3 coats, it was pretty streaky and sheer so it would possibly be best layered over another polish

  02 peach beauty: orange creamsicle colour. 3 coats, this was kind of streaky but workable

03 very cherry: coral with purple/pink glitter, 3 coats

04 one kiwi a day: kiwi green with gold shimmer and green glitter, 3 coats (this is my favourite! It really looks like a kiwi)

05 mashed berries: strawberry pink with purple/pink glitter, 3 coats

I like these polishes however I think that they could be easily duped. However at S$3.90, they are worth checking out.

These do NOT smell fruity, so don't try it. Because I did that and it wasn't pleasant haha!

Nail Fruits

Product Size: Well I have about 55 fruit slices
Price: S$4.30

You get banana, lemon, orange, strawberry, kiwi and pink grapefruit slices.

The glue has like a blue tinge to it.

So far I really like this collection, the packaging is really cute. My favourite product from this collection would be the one kiwi a day polish and the lipbalms.

*What did you get from the collection?*

Thanks for reading!

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