Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bellabox: September 2012 ~ Out with the Old...In with the New

September brings the start of Autumn, bringing the new Autumnal trends with it.

The products in the September Bellabox, Out with the Old... In with the New, hope to help you transition into the season with confidence.

 There has also been some changes this month within Bellabox:
  • Set your preferred delivery time. Choose from Weekends, Weekdays 9am to 6pm or Weekdays 7pm to 10pm. I chose the latter since I knew someone from my house will always be at home.
  • Pink Box. I've only been subscribed since the May Bellabox, but this time my box was pink! I don't know if this has ever been done before, but I thought it was pretty cute and different.
  • Price increase. This month was the official price increase from $15 a month to $19.95. However I only got charged $18, so I'm not sure what is up with the pricing system at the moment.

Finally before I show you the contents of my box, I wasn't expecting to have a wonderful box this month since last month I had two full sized products adding up to $50,when I had only paid $15. I have seen some people saying they are probably going to unsubscribe from Bellabox now, I decided to do something new this month and total up how much my box is worth. I think you'll be surprised!

If you are interested in how I got on with the products from my August Bellabox, stay tuned till the end!

1. Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion


"No one goes deeper for a global whitening efficacy. By targeting melanin at its source, deep within your skin, and stops its creation biologically, this Lotion fights dark spots, dullness and yellowish skin tone. For all skin types, even sensitive."
Price: 200mL for S$49
First Impressions:
There are a lot of whitening products in the market here in Singapore, and I don't usually look at them since I'm pretty white to begin with haha! However I do like to try products that fight dark spots, since I tend to get scars from pimples that I have, usually on my cheeks. This product is paraben free incase you were wondering.
It has a pretty strong scent, I can't quite capture it. It's like a fruity lipgloss or something.
It is clear and has the consistency of water, which surprised me. And when I shook the bottle, it created bubbles :S  It was quickly absorbed, smelt like baby powder when it dried and was kind of tacky on the back of my hand. I've never tried any lotion like this so I'm intrigued to see how it works on my dark spots.

You can see how runny it was, it dripped right off my hand!

Sample Size: 30mL = $7.35

2. Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating


"Is your skin always thirsty? Restore & rejuvenate the appearance of damaged and dehydrated skin. Origins transposes the unique power from nature with the Rose of Jericho into the Make A Difference Plus+, arming skin with long-term hydration and repair. A light refreshing scent will have you looking forward to each use."

Price: 50mL for S$78

First Impressions:

This sample is completely full, packed to the brim which is nice, sometimes they are half empty!

It is a milky gel with a fresh, citrusy gel scent. It was cooling and dried instantly. The smell also lingered. I tried it on my face last night and it was nice and refreshing.

Sample Size: 15mL = S$23.40

3. Rimmel: Flash Eye Liner in 001 Flash Black


"Sexy, edgy, trendsetting: these are all words that define the Rimmel brand whose British past includes providing perfume to Royalty. They have the chicest supermodel in the world representing their brand (Kate Moss) and wearing their products. Try the legendary Rimmel brand  on for size, and see if you don't feel some of the impeccably-cool vibe rubbing off on you."

Price: 0.8mL for S$15.90

*You could have also received the Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer S$7.90, Stay Glossy Lip Gloss S$16.90, Exaggerate Automatic Eye Line S$7.90, The Max Volume Flash Mascara S$16.90 or Sexy Curves Full Figure Mascara S$17.90*

First Impressions:

I saw the Rimmel products on the Bellabox site earlier this week, so I knew what products were going to be in the box and I actually got the one I wanted!

I like using felt tip liners, I had one from theFaceshop which I liked but it was pretty old so I threw it out.

Here is the applicator:

I tried it on my hand and it was intense black, this is just one swipe (left is with the point, right is with the thicker base)

There has been some commotion on the Bellabox Facebook page because a customer pointed out that the manufacturing date on her product was in 2009, I checked and mine was also made in 2009, Bellabox said they were looking into it.

However it was tightly sealed and I think if the makeup hasn't been opened then bacteria hasn't been able to get into it causing it to go bad. It didn't aggravate my hand at all.

Sample Size: 0.8mL = S$15.90

4. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift


"The signature scent of one of the world's most successful young musicians and America's sweetheart. Wonderstruck is meant to inspire awe and evoke feelings of inspiration, as well as that rush you get when you meet someone special and hold a belief in kismet. Vanilla, honeysuckle and sandalwood combine for a scent that is sweet and sultry at the same time."

Price: Eau de Parfum Spray 30mL for S$69, 50mL for S$89 and 100mL for $109

First Impressions:

I have been wanting to try this perfume out for so long! I didn't want to purchase it since I hate really strong vanilla scents. However it is noticable in the perfume but not in your face. I love the scent and hopefully will get it for Christmas *hinthint* :D It is totally different to what I thought it would smell like, so if you've not tried this perfume for the same reason as me, go to Sephora and take a whiff!

Sample Size: 12mL = S$27.60 (30mL), S$21.36 (50mL), S$13.08 (100mL)

5. Celmonze Premium Facial Ampoules (Whitening or Lifting or Vitamin A)

It came in this glittery bag, and the glitter had gone all over the tissue so everything was all glittery!


"The formulas within these beautiful ampoules has the power to restore skin's youth and vigor, slow down aging and provide a flawless base before makeup application that helps it stay on throughout the day. The secret is a concentration of highly active ingredients that work from the inside out."

Price: 1 box contains 5 ampoules (2mL each) for S$95

First Impressions:

I'm not gonna lie, this product kind of scares me. It looks so expensive (and it is!). It is in a glass container, and the liquid is like an orange colour. The one thing I don't get, how to open it! It has no holes or anything.

If anyone uses this product please let me know how to open it. I can't say anything else about it, because I don't know the consistency or smell yet!

Here is the Celmonze website if you want to check out how to use the product!

Sample Size: 1 ampoules = S$19

Overall box value.......S$78.73 (I used the 100mL Wonderstruck price, since I would most likely purchase that size of the perfume).

August Bellabox Review
  1. Enavose Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage: I have enjoyed using this down my neck twice a week, my skin has been feeling softer since I started using this product. I still find it kind of disgusting to see my skin coming off! haha. It has also made me curious to other products of this nature, I have been trying out the NuTeen Blackheads Away Gel on my face which contains Salicylic acid, Thanakha extract and triclosan, to help battle my blackheads on my nose. It does the same thing, takes of the dead skin cells, but the NuTeen is more for acne and the Enavose, for keeping skin supple and young.
  2. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Oil Free Gel Moisturiser: I completely used this sample up, and I loved it. I won't be purchasing it anytime soon because I have other moisturisers to try, but I will definitely get it in the future!
  3. Purity made simple 3-in-1 Cleanser: I haven't tried this yet, it is just a packet sample so I don't want to waste it, I'm saving it for a special occassion haha!
  4. Anna Sui Cosmetics Eye Colour: I haven't used this either! I haven't been out anywhere that I would wear this yet. But I've discovered that it smells like roses :D
  5. L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Boosting Essence: I tried this once, although my skin felt soft, I just don't see the point in it, you are supposed to use it twice a day before your skincare...it just seems kind of pointless, maybe that's just me.
  6. China Glaze Nail Polish in Shocking Pink: I haven't been wearing this colour since I'm not in a neon pink mood, but I've been wearing China Glaze Dress Me Up and For Audrey, which I love. I lurrrrve China Glaze!

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  1. Oh such lovely samples, I'd love to try the eyeliner and origins product!

    1. I'm really enjoying the origins product which sucks because its 78$!