Friday, 7 September 2012

MUA Love Hearts Polish: I (heart) U

Hello! So this is the last polish in the Love Hearts series, and it ends on a sad note. This little polish had some issues on the journey *whomp whomp* but luckily it only leaked a little, however the brush was completely fraying everywhere and I had to cut some of the pieces off haha.
Anyway I'm going to stop rambling, here is I <3 U
*All photos taken in natural daylight*

I <3 U is a peachy pink nude on me. And are you ready.....this is 4 coats....gaah! Can you see the streaks, again I'm blaming the disastrous manufacturing of the brush. This colour is really simple and easy to wear, maybe on those days when you don't want a really dark colour or a bright colour, this is a happy medium.
6.8mL for £2 (S$4)
Collection Overview:
I really love all the colours in this collection and I will wear all of them, they are very wearable colours in my opinion.
I like the packaging a lot, it reminds me of when I lived in England, since Love Hearts were one of my favourite sweets!
The formula on the polishes was nice, but the brushes totally let them down. The brush totally controlled the application of the polish (whether it was streaky or smooth).
Another thing I realised is that none of the polishes have ball bearings in them, which are used to mix the polish and stop it from going all gloopy and thick, so it will be interesting to see what happens over time as far as consistency goes.
Thanks for reading!

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