Sunday, 26 August 2012

Watsons Disney Polish ~ 38


Number 38 is a deep raspberry. The formula of this polish is different than the other 4 I previously got. It has no shimmer and no glitter and it is a jelly finish. I applied three coats, and I wanted to add another but honestly if a polish needs 4 coats, I'll use it more as a base for glitter or glitter sandwiches!

It dried almost to a leathery texture. After three coats you can still see my nail line and the yellow stain of my nails, which I personally don't want to be visible. If you are someone without stained nails, I'm sure this polish wouldn't be a problem.

I layered this over the Watsons Disney Polish Number 46 (click here to check that polish out) and they look really nice together.

You can find this polish at Watsons @ S$2.90 for 12mL.

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*Have you ever tried any jelly polishes? What did you think/expect from them?*

Watsons Disney Polish ~ 18

Number 18 is a fuchsia creme with a slight magenta shimmer. Sadly you can't really see the  shimmer on the nails, however I sometimes think that creme polishes can look a little flat, this has like a sheen to the polish that makes it look really pretty.

I applied two thin coats, three coats on my thumb. Application was smooth and not streaky at all. I didn't apply a base or top coat.

You can find this polish at Watsons @ S$2.90 for 12mL.

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Watsons Disney Polish ~ 11


Here is Disney Polish number 11.

Number 11 is a light silver with holographic silver glitter, but it doesn't really show up on the nails. It reminds me of a lighter, smoother version of OPI Your Royal Shine-ness.

Application was good, I applied three coats without a topcoat and it was smooth and shiny and wasn't streaky at all. It also didn't feel gritty on the nails albeit the glitter.

You can find this at Watsons @ S$2.90 for 12mL

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Watsons Disney Polish ~ 46

Number 46 is a deep fuchsia pink with iridescent blue/purple shimmer. This polish is just stunning, it has so many dimensions and it looks lovely both in sunlight and artificial light.

The application was smooth, it wasn't too thin or thick. I applied three coats, but I think I could have just used two on some nails. It was very quick drying and dried smooth, not gritty.

One of my favourite polishes is OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You, which is the closest colour I have to this one. However the OPI one doesn't have the blue shimmer in it, which really attracts the eye and gives the polish another dimension.

I didn't mention this in my previous post about the Disney polishes, but the character on the bottle does not have any relation to the actual polish colour, for example this is number 46 and it has the queen of hearts, I have another number 46 which is obviously the same colour, and it has Maleficent on it. Just wanted to mention that because I didn't realise that until I got a second bottle!

You can find these in Watsons stores around Singapore @ S$2.90 for 12mL.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Watsons Disney Polish ~ 45


I showed this polish in my recent haul, which you can see here.

I found it at Watsons in one of the bins near the cashier, where they have all the cheap things on offer so you buy something extra. grrrr evil!

These are 12mL for S$2.90. The colours really drew me in, but they were all seperated in the bottle but I thought since they were so cheap, why not try them? Plus, I love all things Disney.

Here's the first polish I got, number 45...

 Natural Light


Number 45 is a peachy pink with an orangey gold shimmer. As far as application goes, I was pleasantly surprised.

I started with my index finger first and then did the rest, when I finished painting my thumb, my index finger was completely dry. This was three coats. The finish is smooth, it wasn't gritty at all, on par with OPI and Orly I would say.

I had this on my nails for three days with no top coat or base coat and it only chipped because my actual nail chipped! I had a shower, washed my hair, opened boxes and it was still perfect. I'm pretty amazed by this since the first time I tried a Deborah Lippmann polish which retails for S$35, I had a shower and it peeled completely off in sheets the same day!

So for S$2.90......Bargain! If you can find this at your Watsons, pick it up!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Essence Polish 34 ~ Walk of Fame

Essence Walk of Fame is a creme mushroom taupe brown. This is 3 coats (I like to do thin coats so they dry faster, you could probably get away with 1 thick and 1 thin coat).

This colour looks pretty dull in bottle, but I was pleasantly surprised by the dimensions of the polish. Sometimes it leans to a more dark mushroom brown and sometimes it looks more taupe/grey brown.

This polish was S$2.80 from Watson's.

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Becky (:

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sleek Blush by 3 ~ Lace (No.367)

This was my first ever Sleek product since it isn't sold here in Singapore. However there are a few products available on Luxola, but not this particular product.

I actually asked my cousin to bring it over from England when he visited, and he did so thank you! (:

From the title you've probably guessed I'm talking about the Sleek Blush by 3 in 367 Lace.

The packaging is so sleek eh? (Yes, I made that joke :P )


"The Blush by '3' palette has been formulated with intense pigment yet the shades can be layered in order to achieve the required intensity".

 Without flash

With flash

From left to right we have: Chantilly, Guipure, Crochet (which are different beautiful types of lace, hence the name!)

Chantilly is a matte tangerine orange.
Guipure is a shimmery orange/gold with random silver glitter
Crochet is a matte burnt orange/red.


Natural daylight

All three shades are extremely pigmented. You get 20g for £10 (~S$20). I like the packaging, however it has a huge mirror, which I think is quite unnecessary for a blush palette, because I don't ever take blush with me when I go out.

As with any matte product, application can be quite patchy but it's nothing that can't be fixed.

 I would definitely recommend that when first applying this, less is definitely more. It's easier to add more product than to take it away.Also the wear of these blushers is nice.

Guipure looks lovely layered over the NYX Stick Blush in Orchid, which you can view here.

There is a few other shades available in the Blush by 3 range: Pink Sprint, Sugar, Flame and Pumpkin.

This is the only palette that really stood out to me. It is also the most wearable in my eyes. If you want to see the other shades, you can click here.

That's the end of the blog post, I hope you found this helpful.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

July-August Picked Ups! (Essence, Bioderma, Forever 21, Jewellery, Daiso)


Here are the products that I have picked up in the month of July and August (so far :D). I may have gone a bit crazy...but it happens to everyone, right?

I'm going to start with Essence:

This is the Maximum Definition Volume Mascara in Black (8mL for  S$6.00). There is a wide range of mascaras on offer but this one drew me in because a) it's bright orange b) it has rubber bristles and c) because it has a flexible brush.

I've never had a mascara which was any of those things, so I decided to try it out. I got it in black because that was the only option.

Souffle Touch Blush in 030 Cold Wildberry (8mL for $6.10). This was the most nude shade out of the two that were in the display, I was surprised by the texture because the tester was all crusty and dried up. Also it has a really nice scent, fresh and minty but fruity. Yum! I'm excited to try this out.

Quattro Eyeshadow in 09 denim 4.0 (5g for S$6.50) This quad just stood out to me, especially the black. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it.

 Single Eyeshadow in 30 happy hour - metallic effect (2.5g for S$3.50)

 Single Eyeshadow in 54 yes eye can! - shimmer effect (2.5g for S$3.50)

Single Eyeshadow in 60 kermit says hello - shimmer effect (2.5g for S$3.50)

Awwww kermit!

This two sized sharpener was only S$2.20!

Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 06 Rock Chic (5.5g for S$6.00). This is so pretty it's a bluey-black with blue and silver glitter.

This is actually a repurchase and I haven't even finished my other one! This is the lipstick in 53 All About Cupcake (4g for S$4.30) This was my first lipstick I ever brought from Essence, and I loved it so much I didn't want to ever be without it! It's perfect for everyday.

 Colour to go quick drying nail polish in (L-R): 48 MEET ME NOW!, 72 Time for Romance, 76 Hard to Resist and 96 Sparkling Water Lily)

Nail Colour 3 in 01 Midnight Date. (L-R): Midnight Date, City that never sleeps. (2x4mL for S$6.10)

Lip liner in 07 Cute Pink (1g for $2.20)

Long lasting Eye Pencil in (L-R): 02 Hot Chocolate, 12 I have a green, 14 Think Khaki, 16 Coolest Chic (0.28g for S$4.30)

I have heard great things about these so I'm excited to test them out.

If you spent more than S$10 on Essence you got this free gift, which consists of a Duo Eyeshadow in 13 Rocking Diva (3.5g) and a XXXL shine lip gloss in 12 Soulmate (5mL). You also got a little book with all the available colours in each product range.

I popped into Guardian (a pharmacy/drugstore in Singapore) because I saw in a magazine they were selling the famous Bioderma Sensibio H20 makeup remover. I picked up the 100mL for S$15.90

Review coming up!

I also picked up some jewellery:

The top three are earrings from a stall in Northpoint Mall @ S$5 each.
The front two are from Forever 21 @ S$5 each.

These polishes were from the S$2 shop, Daiso. These look amazing over black!

Also from Daiso is this silver glitter with holographic glitters in it. Good for layering.

I had been looking for a pastel yellow polish for a while, and my mum picked this up for me from 7-Eleven for S$2.90 for 15mL!

Lastly, I got these polishes from Watson's, and they are Disney themed, awesomeeee!

These were 12mL for S$2.90.

That is what I've picked up recently, swatches and reviews will be coming up after I've tried these products out.

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