Thursday, 28 November 2013

Fueling My Jewelery Obsession - ASU Jewelery Loot

Whenever I enter Forever21 I always end up in the jewelry section, even if I don't want to go there, my feet take me there anyway, they've taken a page from Miley Cyrus's book and they can't stop and they won't stop.

Although yes there is pretty much always a sale on the accessories, I still sometimes cringe at paying upwards of $10 for a necklace or a ring (but let's be real, I do it anyway).

Sometime in 2012, whilst browsing the interwebs for affordable costume jewelry, I stumbled across this website called ASU Jewelry and have been hooked ever since. The stuff you will see in this post is actually our second time purchasing from ASU and it definitely won't be the last.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

essence and Catrice Cosmetics Warehouse Sale Goodies! (Video)

Tomorrow (November 3rd) is the last day of the essence and Catrice Warehouse Sale, so here is what I got ( you guys should go if you haven't already since there was amazing deals). They were also selling Kate Spade Twirl perfume which is one of my signature scents so you should give that a smell. I didn't get anything from the Home Sweet Home Collection from essence since I already have it but if you go (and they still have them in stock) you should get the blush duos because they are some of my favourite blushes.

Video Link: