Monday, 15 October 2012

Mail Monday: Cotton On Asia

One of my favourite stores is Cotton On. Recently they have opened up delivery in Asia. You can use the code FREESHIP (for free delivery to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia) or if you sign up you will get a promo code of 30% off your first order.

They were having a big sale so I decided to use my 30% off and order some stuff. In the future I am definitely going to use the free shipping code because shipping cost S$7.50. (It came from Australia).

The online store combines Cotton On Body, Cotton On Women, Cotton On Men, Cotton On Kids, Rubi Shoes, CO. by Cotton On and Typo (stationary and quirky things).

Shipping was pretty fast, it said 3-4 days but maybe longer if there was a sale. I ordered it on the 29th of September and it arrived on Friday (12th of October). Everything was packaged securely and nothing was broken yay!

I would recommend regularly checking the website because lots of other items have gone on sale that weren't on sale when I placed my order. So if you see something you like, keep your eye on it :P

get mugged ~ stones logo
Original Price: S$7.96   Price Paid: S$3

I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan and I've been looking for a mug for ages so I couldn't pass this up. Luckily it arrived in one piece because I couldn't find it on the website anymore!

novelty earphones ~ Pink Owl
Price: S$11.95 (Not on sale)

pop headphones ~ Frankie Floral
Original Price: S$24.95  Price Paid: S$5

huge mistake eraser ~ Owl
Price: S$2.50 (Not on sale)

Okay so I didn't really need a rubber, however you might see a reoccurring theme through this post (owls!)

a4 spinout notebook ~ Flash Floral
OP: S$7.95 Price Paid: S$2

i fone fashion ~ Big Ben
Price: S$3 (Not on sale)

global passport wallet ~ Happy Snaps
Price: S$5 (Not on sale)

grouse mouse pad ~ Love Hate
OP: S$5 Price Paid: S$2

the traveller ~ African Owl
Original Price: S$14.95 Price Paid: S$5

pacific graphic tee ~ Illustrated Skull/Grey Marble
Price: S$19.95 (Not on sale)

(*upcoming OOTD with this shirt*)

hard sunglasses case ~ Clover Snakeskin
Original Price: S$6.95 Price: S$2

mixed symbol stud set ~ Multi
Price: S$4.95 (Not on sale)

nikki coil necklace ~ Rose Gold
Price: S$12.95 (Not on sale)

This was chunkier in real life, and I probably wouldn't have picked this out in store, however I wore it to the movies at the weekend and it was actually really nice.

Eden Espidrille ~ Black Canvas
OP: S$16.95 Price: S$5

Eden Espidrille ~ Ocean Wave
OP: S$16.95 Price: S$5

Printed Headband Pack ~ Vintage Floral
OP: S$6.95  Price: S$2

Geek Chic Sunglasses ~ Black Clear Lens / eve sunnie ~ Tortoise Shell
OP: S$12.95 Price: S$1  / OP: S$14.95  Price: S$1

Willow Boot ~ Tan Smooth
OP: S$49.95  Price: S$10

In love!

hard phone case ~ Black Rock
Price: S$4.95 (Not on sale)

I also picked up some things from the store before I placed my order online:

Anabella Barrel Bag ~ Nude
OP: S$39.95  Price: S$10 (used shopping vouchers)

Anabella Barrel Bag ~ Black
OP: S$39.95  Price: S$28 (30% off in-store)

(Currently using this bag hence the hand sanitiser attached)

Scuba Peplum Top ~ Black
OP: S$19.95  Price: S$14 (30% off in-store)

I also picked up a black top with lace shoulders which was on offer for S$2.

You should definitely check out the Cotton On Asia website for some amazing deals! 

*What's one of your favourite online stores?*

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  1. hi, may i know is the headphone works great?

    1. Hi, the floral headphones work better than the owl ones. So I would recommend the floral ones over the owls (but the owls are still decent).


  2. oh, you still have it now? i just wonder how long does it last.

    1. Yes I still have them now, they still work fine!


  3. Does the barrel bag have gold studs on the bottom??

    1. Nope, it is just flat.

      Thank you for the comment,