Wednesday, 5 September 2012

MUA Love Hearts Polish: U ROK

*All photos taken in natural daylight*

U ROK is a periwinkle/grey creme. This was the only polish from the collection that bubbled when I applied the first coat. However I then applied 2 more coats and the bubbling had stopped, which is good, cause I hate when my nail polish has bubbles in it!
This polish was probably the most sheer from the collection, even after 2 coats I could still kind of see my nail underneath, so I applied the third coat thicker, for more coverage. (:
6.8mL for £2 (S$4)
Sometimes I think to myself that U ROK and LOVE U 24/7 look similar but they actually don't....but I still get confused! So if you decided to skip one or the other because they were too similar here is a comparison:
Top: U ROK
Bottom: LOVE U 24/7

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