Friday, 27 July 2012

New Finds: Fashionjewelrytv


For a while now me and my mum have been looking for a Singapore based jewelry website that is relatively cheap. We are both into jewelry and this website has loads of things to choose from!

The company is called fashionjewelrytv (click here for website and since we found it we literally look on it everyday and we have created a wish list and plan on ordering once a month, shhhhh hehe.

So this company is located in Singapore and sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, brooches, hair accessories and other things like belts, coin purses etc.

Also unlike other websites we found, there is no minimum order and free worldwide shipping if you buy more than 10 items. (Trust me, it's easy).

We each decided to spend $50, and we each got 9 pieces. We also received two extra pairs of earrings which I don't know whether they are just free ones because we spent $100 or it was a mistake but noones complaining here :P

We ordered on the 23rd and it arrived on the 26th! It was packaged well with lots of bubble wrap to avoid breakage.

First I'll show you what my mum picked up:

  1. Gold Flower Purple Green Crystal Ring S$4.60

     2. Gold Ribbon Flower Colorful Crystal Stud Earrings S$5.30

     3. Antique 4 Piece Gold Cute Owl Crystal Stud Earrings S$4.50

      4. Gold 6 Piece Flowers Stud Earrings S$4.90

     5. Gold Cute Colorful Flowers Stud Earrings S$5.30

     6. Antique Cute Owl Crystal Sunflower Leaf Frame Long Necklace

    7. Vintage Peace Flower Necklace S$6.50

     8.  Vintage Bird Leaf Chain Necklace  S$5.80

     9.  Antique Unique Green Design Concept Bracelet  S$7.10

Okay now onto my stuff!

  1. Seashell Butterfly Czechoslovakia Crystal Stud Earrings S$5.80

     2. Seashell Butterfly Czechoslovakia Crystal Necklace

I'm going to have to get the matching bracelet next time :P

    3. Wing Seashell Stud Earrings S$4.80

     4.  Gold Purple Flower Crystal Butterfly Stud Earrings S$4.80

     5.  Vintage Gold Euro Design Dragon Stud Earring (One Side)  S$4.90

     6. Gold Owl Purple Orange Beads Stud Earrings S$4.90

7.  Vintage Unique Key Design Long Necklace S$5.90

8.  Vintage Skull Flower Pattern Long Necklace S$6.30

     9.  Cool Summer Colorful Skull Elastic Bracelet S$6.00

Extra earrings:

1. Gold Pink Rose Pearl Stud Earrings S$4.90

2. I couldn't find the name of this pair, sorry!

So whenever you spend a dollar on the website you get a reward point. When you accumulate 100 points you get 3% off your order. So our order only cost $95.00

We are both extremely happy with the quality, however some pieces were larger in size and some smaller than we thought from the pictures on the website.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: NYX The Crimson Amulet Collection


About two weeks ago I was surfing my favourite online stores and I found this palette from NYX and I knew I had to buy it. When this first came out in the U.S and I saw people using it on Youtube, I was kind of jealous! I didn't think it would come to Singapore, so I had to nab it when I saw it.  I purchased mine from TheSpectrumshop for S$38.50,  I checked the website and it is actually now sold out. I did however find it on for roughly about S$45. (Also on, and it is now on sale on the NYX website,, for US$15).

So as you may or may not know, this palette is inspired by the movie, Dark Shadows. It contains  24 eyeshadows, 4 double ended sponge tip applicators, 4 lipglosses, 1 Illuminator, 5 Blushers, 1 HD Shadowbase and 1 liquid liner. This palette opens up like a book. On the first side are the eyeshadows.

The first set of eyeshadows:

Row 1: Matte Black, Light champagne with silver glitter, Matte plum with gold and purple glitter and copper frost.

Row 2: Pinky lilac frost with silver glitter, frosty gray/taupe, frosty browny champagne and matte black with blue glitter.

Row 3: Matte blue with blue shimmer, forest green base with green glitter,  orangey brown base with gold glitter and plumy brown base with gold, purple and blue glitter.

Second set of eyeshadows:

Row 4: Matte cream, matte chocolate brown, light brown sheen and shimmery white.

Row 5: Brown with purple sheen, matte dark brown, light pink frost with glitter and matte charcoal

Row 6: Light champagne pink frost, light taupe frost, bronze frost with gold shimmer and yellow with gold sheen.

The middle flap that separates the two sides of makeup, has a mirror on one side and 3 character looks from the movie on the other side. It doesn't actually tell you how to recreate the looks which is strange, but I guess you could just recreate it with your imagination and add your own twist on it.

On the last page there are the rest of the products:

The first two blushers are matte.

Blush 1: Matte baby pink
Blush 2: Matte burgundy

The next  two blushers are glittery.

Blush 3: Dusty pink with gold shimmer

Blush 4: Dark barbie pink with gold glitter

The last blusher is a mix of blush 3 and 4.

Next is the illuminator which is a light pearly colour, I think it would probably look quite ashy on darker skin colours since it is so light. Probably to help get the pale vampire look.

I usually hate having lipgloss in a palette because the eyeshadows always go into them and it is quite unhygienic, however in this palette they have a plastic sheet over them so they can stay clean! I also love the choice of colours. The first two are a dark ruby red and a nudey pink and the other two are a bright fuchsia pink and a nudey brown.

And finally you get a tiny sample of HD Shadow Base and Liquid Black Liner (all eyeshadows were swatched over the HD Shadow Base).

  •  The graphics on the front with the spooky house are cool.
  • The format of the book is cool, I don't have other palette like it.
  • I like the big mirror and how you can literally create a whole look (minus mascara).
  • The plastic sheet over the lipgloss is a good idea to keep them clean.
  • The variety of matte, shimmer and glitter shadows helps to create dynamic looks.

  • The book format, although cool is quite inconvenient for travelling just like all palettes are.
  • Some shadows aren't that greatly pigmented unless over a base (aka the 4th row)
  • The HD Shadowbase is really messy and mine actually oozed out of the lid! ewwwww.

Overall, I really love this palette and I would recommend it to you guys, especially if you want to experiment with darker, bolder looks!

Thanks for reading (:

*Have you seen the movie? Didya like it?*