Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Swatchfest: Urban Decay Eyeshadows

I received an email from Urban Decay saying there was a Friends & Family Sale, I didn't order anything but I looked around the website and found myself looking at the Naked and Naked 2 palettes. And I realised that I didn't really want or need them in my eyeshadow collection, and I decided to look over my urban decay shadows which I love, I think they are some of

(I have the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, Sustainable Shadow Box and Show Pony Shadow Box)

Eyeshadow Finishes:

  • S - Shimmer, luminous sheen, no glitter
  • SP - any texture that also includes glitter
  • D - Duo tone, flashes two different colours, no glitter
  • SA - Satin, almost matte with a hint of sheen, no glitter

In alphabetical order:

Baked (S) : rich bronze 
Available as single shadow on website

Chopper (S, SP): Copper with silver micro glitter
 Available in single shadow

Flash (S): bright iridescent purple
 Available in single shadow

Flipside : bright teal
Not available as single shadow, but as 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil and in Sustainable Shadow Box

Grifter (S, SP): Sheer lavender with silver micro glitter
Available as single shadow

Half Baked (S): Golden bronze
Available as single shadow

Homegrown : green with gold sheen
Not sold individually that I could find, (Absolem in Alice in Wonderland palette)

Kiddie Pool (S, SP): Ocean blue with iridescent glitter
Available as single shadow

Last Call (S): Metallic sugar plum
Available as single shadow

Maui Wowie (S, SP): Medium gold with silver glitter
Available as single shadow

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (S, SP): Golden beige with bronze, gold and silver glitter
Available as single shadow

Mildew (D, S): Mossy green with gold shift
Available as single shadow

Mushroom (S): Warm pale grey
Available in single shadow

Oil Slick (SP): Black with silver glitter
Available in single shadow

Painkiller : Sky blue with silver sheen
Not available as single shadow but was in Alice in Wonderland Palette (Alice)

Polyester Bride (S, SP): White with silver glitter
Available in single shadow

Retrograde : Purple with silver glitter
Stardust Single Shadow (This is a sample from a class I went to, it was in the goody bag. I really hate this shadow, it has terrible pigmentation! It's the only UD shadow I don't like that I've tried D: )

S&M (S): Bright metallic silver
Available in single shadow

Sin (S): Champagne
Available in single shadow

Smog (S): Deep coppery bronze
Available in single shadow

Snatch (S, SP): Pale peach with gold glitter
Available in single shadow

Toasted (S): Shimmery antique copper penny
Available in single shadow

Twice Baked (SA, SP):  Rich satin brown with gold micro glitter
Available in single shadow

Uzi : White with silver glitter
Available in 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, not as single shadow

X (D, S): Peach with gold shift
Available in single shadow

YDK (S): Bronzed mocha with golden micro glitter
Available in single shadow

My favourites are Sin, Twice Baked and YDK.

What is/are your favourite UD shadows? I'd love to know :D

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  1. Totally love all their shimmery browns! Sooo pretty! :))