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Bellabox Singapore: May 2013 ~ Ready for Cannes

In May 2012, I signed up for my first ever Bellabox. It is now May 2013 and this month I received my last Bellabox. I really enjoy writing these blogposts and receiving the boxes but I can't justify spending my money on them anymore.

 If you guys want me to write a post with more of the reasons why I cancelled my subscription or you have any questions you want me to answer, then feel free to leave a comment below and I will definitely read and answer them in the post.

The theme of this months box was all about being pampered and prepared and red carpet ready for Cannes Film Festival.

I personally didn't attend the Cannes Film Festival.....duh! But I did fall in love with two stunning dresses on the red carpet. First was Nicole Kidman in Valentino Couture and Sonam Kapoor in Dolce&Gabbana  and let us not forget Larisa Katz.........yeeeeah.

Lanvin Me! Eau De Parfum

Product: Lanvin Me! Eau De Parfum

"Discover the NEW bewitching, sensual and high-fashion fragrance, ME! Be one of the first to experience this utterly unique blend of tuberose, blueberries and licorice. As the name suggests Lanvin's head designer Alber Ebaz strove to create a parfum that defined the essence of female individuality and self-love. He succeeded!"

First Impression:
I received a different fragrance from this brand before called Marry Me, and I love it! This scent however, I don't like very much. I especially dislike anything to do with licorice. So this is a definite pass for me.

50mL for S$108

Sample Size: 2mL ~ S$4.32

You can check out their Facebook page here: Lanvin

Model Co Eye pencil

 Product: Model Co Eye pencil

"Line and define your eyes with the ModelCo's eye pencil. It is a clever black eyeliner that glides on effortlessly for long-lasting colour application. The hydrating formula is non-drying and densely pigmented, imparting rich colour and intense definition. Soft and creamy, the formula stays soft for blending (about 30 seconds) and then dries to a smudge proof finish that won't budge. The eye pencil has a built in sharpener that offers an ultra-sharp blade that is conveniently cleaned."

First Impression:
Model Co has recently just arrived in Singapore! I like the concept of having the sharpener in the cap of the eyeliner because nobody likes using a blunt eyeliner on their delicate eye area. I've obviously never tried Model Co products before so if you guys have tried them and you have a favourite product, let me know in the comments below!


You can check out their Facebook page here: ModelCo

The Lash Card

Product: The Lash Card

"No matter how good your mascara is you can still end up with smudges, flaking and tarantula lashes. But when you've got lash card, you'll create beautifully curled, long, separated lashes with every coat. It's as simple as placing the curved edge at your lash line and using the card as a backdrop during application. Excess mascara gets on the card, not on your lids. And lashes stay separate. Brilliant!"

First Impression:
Now I'm not gonna lie, 9 times out of 10 when I rush my mascara, I will get smudges on my lids because I have long lashes. But I can't help thinking that this is a waste of money. Literally anything can be a lash card, a receipt, a store card even the package that the Lash Card comes in! I have heard of these before and I thought that they were made of plastic so you could just clean them and reuse them over and over...ohhh no! They are made of cardboard and it says on the packaging recommended usage: 1 makeup session...You're basically paying for a glorified piece of cardboard box.

.Do you agree/disagree with me on this?

10 pcs for S$8.90

Sample Size: 2pcs  ~ S$1.78

You can check out their Facebook page here: Lash Card

Model Co Lip gloss
Product: Model Co Lip gloss in Strip Tease

"Looking for the perfect, high-shine lip gloss? ModelCo's SHINE Ultra Lip gloss is an unbeatable reflective, shimmering gloss that creates a glamorous, lacquered effect. The non-stick formula glides on evenly, leaving your lips with a luscious, long-lasting shine. Housed in a sleek and stylish bottle, SHINE Ultra Lip gloss fits perfectly into  the smallest of evening bags and comes with an inbuilt mirror for on-the-go  applications."

First Impression:
As I said before I've never tried anything from ModelCo but from the looks of the two products I received, it seems that they like to bring you functional products. So not only do you get a great lip gloss but you don't have to think about bringing a mirror, 2-for-1. I think that's nifty.

Strip Tease reminds me of Baby Sparks from MAC but with a lot finer glitter. Slightly sticky but nowhere near as sticky as a lipglass. Plus it smells like strawberry lemonade, yum!


You can check out their Facebook page here: ModelCo

Dr. Morita  Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

Product: Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

"Dr. Morita's Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask allows you to see first hand what the beauty industry calls the wonder anti-ageing ingredient. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid to keep you looking young, but production slows as you age. This mask reintroduces it along with other natural ingredients to soothe and protect your skin. Cucumber extract, marine collagen and seaweed provide a perfect, natural, ingredient list for the perfect anti-ageing mask."

First Impression:
I don't know why but when I first read the name of the product I got a bit afraid! I won't be using this anytime soon, I have a backlog of face masks to use, I think I always get one in my box every month. Some masks I have received have been really expensive for just 1 mask, but these seen to be very reasonably priced for a product the beauty industry is calling "the wonder anti-aging ingredient".

10 pcs for S$15.90

Sample Size  1 pc  ~ S$1.59

You can check out their Facebook page here: Dr. Morita SG

Borracha Wine Wipes

Product: Borracha Wine Wipes

"Have you ever had the "wine tattoo?" You know, the stain that gets on your lips and teeth after a few sips of red wine? It's almost impossible to wipe  off - until now. These wipes are truly small miracles. Each one is infused with natural, non-harmful, ingredients that remove strains,freshens breath, eliminate germs and protect your mouth. Baking soda, salt, calcium and a hint of orange blossom (naturally occurring in red wine) means you keep your beautiful smile, without compromising the taste of your red!"

First Impression:
I saw on the Bellabox Site that there are two types of these wipes, wine wipes and ones for tea/coffee drinkers. Now I don't drink a lot but when I do, it's never wine. So that makes this sample kind of useless to me. I do drink tea and coffee all the time so I would have preferred them instead, but what can ya do! Also I only got one wipe, so there isn't really much I can tell you about it because I don't want to waste the only one I have just to see what it smells like! ( This is why we all hate sachet samples!)

20 pcs for S$8.70

Sample Size: 1 pc ~ S0.43

You can check out their Facebook page here: Wine Wipes

I also got this product in my box, Talika Eye Therapy Patch, but it wasn't included on my information card so I'm not sure if I was supposed to get this. It is basically a moistened patch that you put on your dark circles and they help to reduce the puffiness of them.

I don't have any info about the price but I do however like that these are reusable!


Overall Box Price: Upwards of S$55
Price Paid:  S$19.95

If you want to sign up to Bellabox, you can go to their website, click here

And if you have any  questions, feel free to leave them below or drop me an email, I'd be happy to answer them!

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