Saturday, 30 July 2011

OPI Skull & Glossbones

It looks quiet light on my nails but against a white wall you can really see the grey-ness of it.

It's  described as being the "best light gray ever, no bones about it."

Skull & Glossbones is a pale grey creme polish. I think this colour is really flattering for my skin tone.

Formula & Application:

The formula for this polish was good for a creme polish. I generally enjoy the formula of creme polishes and this one wasn't a disappointment.

The application was kind of streaky, but with creme polishes I find you can avoid streaks if you don't go over the same part of polish more than once until it's completely dry.

This was 3 coats.


I would recommend this colour, it is the most unique colour in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and unlike anything in my collection.

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