Friday, 1 July 2011

NOTD: Green Crackle!

Hey everyone :)

Here is my most recent manicure and here are the products I used:

L-R: Revlon Multi Care Base + Top Coat, Punkyfish Silver and Yimane Jade Is The New Black (YM H45)
I only used the Revlon as a top coat. The punkyfish nail polish I got as a christmas gift like 5 years ago, it came as a set of four polishes. (Chrome Silver, Chrome Light Pink, Chrome Dark Pink and Chrome Baby Blue). The crackle polish is from This one is called Jade Is The New Black (sound familiar?). They have a wide range of colours so you should definitely check them out. I also have a white and lilac crackle from there.

Here is the final product:


Have a good weekend!

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  1. Awesome combination!! This would look so nice with an all black outfit!