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Bellabox: July 2012!

So this month the Bellabox theme is Around the World.

This instantly excited me since here in Singapore we don't get many of the popular brands that you would find in, say the US.

This is my third Bellabox so far and I am enjoying the anticipation of getting a little parcel each month (: SO EXCITING!

  1. Korea: L'EGERE Double White 02 One Stop Cleanser

"This amazing all-in-one cleanser by L'EGERE will leave your skin preserved with chamomile extract and wiped fresh of makeup. Forget about buying a makeup remover and separate face wash, this product does both for you!"

130mL for $38.90

First Impressions:
The scent of this cleanser is pleasant, it smells like freshly picked lavender. It seems very soothing so I think I may try this out when my skin is feeling tender or dry. I tried the product on my hand and it seemed to lather up which is nice because to me, if a cleanser doesn't lather up I don't really feel like it's doing anything. After I rubbed it in on my hand, the scent was more fresh and clean like soap, then a lingering lavender one.

I really love the idea of having a cleanser and makeup remover in one product, I have never tried something like that and am excited to. I like to stay up pretty late so sometimes I am lazy and don't use a cleanser :S so this product will come in handy for the lazy person, like myself!

Sample size: 12mL. The main thing I don't like just off the bat when I was trying it, is that the sample bottle is really hard and you can't squeeze the product out, so you have to wait for it to just drip out by itself and the consistency is quite thick so it takes soo long, but maybe I'm just impatient!

Would I buy this product?
If it soothes the skin like I think it may do, then I might consider purchasing it in the future (also the added convenience of it being a makeup remover is tempting!)

   2. London: Jimmy Choo Fragrance

"Imagine femininity, luxury and style bottled...Introducing Jimmy Choo, the Fragrance. The EDT, is a floral fruity combination of green top notes with Tea Rose, exotic Tiger Orchid and Cedarwood. The EDP is more sensual adding sweet Italian Orange and Indonesian Patchouli to this elixir."

Eau de Parfum 40mL for $78, 60mL for $125, 100mL for $165
Eau de Toilette 40mL for $68, 60mL for $112, 100mL for $145

First Impressions:
Okay, first of all can I just say, isn't this the cutest thing ever! I literally squealed when I saw this hahaha. I got the EDT and to be honest, the scent in the bottle, not a big fan. At all. I like the scent at first, but there is one note that I just don't like. However, I did try it on my wrists and I actually liked the scent after a while because I did change. It isn't really a Becky scent, it is quite strong and like a spicy floral, I think it's the Cedarwood I don't enjoy. I really wish that I had got the EDP because I think it sounds really nice!

Sample Size: 4.5mL

Would I buy this product?
No, I don't think it is the scent for me.

  3. California: Twistbands

"Twistbands are so gentle on the hair, they don't snag or break away our precious, precious mane. Twistband is so chic and sophisticated; they even look as cute on your wrist as they do in your hair. New neon colours for Summer."

Set of 3 for $6.50

First Impressions:
As you can see I recieved the neon orange twistband, and it is NEON. I love it! I don't know what the other colours are in the summer collection though. When I saw this in the box I was really excited because I had seen it in other beauty boxes and didn't know where I could get my hands on them in Singapore. I tried it out as soon as I opened my box and I am really impressed with it so far. I also love that it is kind of shiny in the sunlight, perfect for summer! I also love the fact that it doesn't have that annoying metal section that normal hairbands have because they rip my hair out and hurt when you lean on them :(

Sample Size:  1

Would I buy this product:
Yes I would buy this product, especially like a neon pink or neon blue!

   4. Korea: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

"Skinmiso's nose pack will help rid you of black and whiteheads in the comfort of your own home. With a simple three-step process you can reveal perfect skin and help ensure it stays that way."

Mask-10sheets plus Essence 15mL USD$21.90

First Impressions:
I have been meaning to buy some nose pore strips for a while now because I get really bad pores on my nose and my foundation always seems to cake on them and I hate the way that it looks. I really don't like the way normal nose packs like the Biore ones,  they dry really hard and it hurts so much when I attempt to remove it. I instantly thought that this product sounded interesting since it comes with 2 steps:

Step 1: Black head & white head removal mask,
Step 2: Contraction & Calming Mask

and a sebum removal stick, which is a black coloured cotton bud on one end and the other end looks like this:

Strange huh!

I don't want to go into too much detail since I have tried this product and I want to do a separate review on it.

Sample Size: One trial pack

Would I buy this product:

   5. California: OPI Chip Skip

"Just one coat of patented OPI Chip Skip nail varnish chip preventor will prime your nails surface so that nail varnish adheres better and remains chip free. It will keep your manicure or pedicure looking beautifully fresh for longer."
15mL for $31.00
First Impressions:
I have seen this product before but never thought of buying it because I don't usually use a base coat because I use SalonSystems WHOOSH top coat and it is the best top coat I have ever used. I am quite excited to try this though, maybe it will become my favourite base coat ever. It's also cool that it claims to prevent chipping, I'll have to try that out! The consistency is very thin and watery unlike other base coats I have tried.
Sample Size: 3.75mL
Would I buy this product?
If it works well and I can find it cheaper somewhere, then yes I will. Otherwise I'll keep looking!
   6. Bonus: Bellabox Lipstick Pen
"Grab your very own bellabox branded lipstick pen and write notes in style! This glamorous pen lokos like a lipstick but simply remove the 'lipstick' lid to reveal a ballpoint tip."
Price:  I don't think you could buy this anywhere... :/
First Impressions:
AHHHH I LOVE THIS! I really love stationary, like seriously obsessed, so this is right down my street. I'm gonna use this to write notes for my blog posts (:
To conclude, I am excited about using the products in my July Bellabox. Also in this box, three lucky people received something from Tiffany's!!! So congrats to whoever received that!
Also Bellabox is going to be increasing their price from $15 a month to $19.95 a month from next month. And I think from 5 to 8 samples!
I am really loving this whole beauty box thing and would like to try other boxes available in the market! It's so exciting :D
Thanks for reading, have a great day! (:

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